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Hi all!

I'm opening the uh, "floor" here for custom portraits! I've done tons of portraits before but now I have better tools AND fantastic on-demand printing.

What You Get

  • Your very own custom, hand-drawn, supremely high-resolution digital portrait in my weird style
  • A high-res, high-quality print mailed to you in two different sizes of your choice (5''x7'', 8.5''x11'', 11''x14'')
  • A high-res, printable PDF of your portrait to do with what you want (you can have them blown up and printed on the side of a small building if that tickles your pickle)
  • My everlasting, undying, somewhat smelly gratitude

Amazing, right? (yes)

How it Works

Once you place your order I'll reach out to you for a few photos. We can then establish how you want your portrait to be formatted.

It can take up to a couple of weeks to get it done and shipped to you depending on my workload. I'll let you know once we're in touch.

What I Can Do


If you can't fully afford one of these please pass the word along and share this with those who might be interested!

If you have questions please reach out to me:


Thanks for all your support! :D

- Rawrb