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Howdy doo!

I've got a nice stack of blank, used drumheads here that need some of my art splattered on em. Would you like one of these?

All of these are drawn and painted with acrylic ink and sealed for protection. I currently have a limited amount of these drumheads sitting here, so please snag 'em up while they're... uh, not snagged up.

They tend to go pretty fast.

What You Get

  • One (or more, if you order more, heh) of Alex's busted up drumheads with my art painted all over 'em.
  • Signed by all the Psychostick members (if you want)
  • Mailed directly to your doorstep/dungeon entrance
  • An overly fuzzy, almost too warm of a feeling that you helped support me and my artsy face
  • I'll probably throw in some Psychostick knickknacks too

How it Works

Upon placing your order I'll reach out to you and get details of what you'd like on your drumhead. From there I'll, you know... paint it and ship it to you.

Also, if the drumhead you select is sold out, try selecting other drumheads to see if there are any more available.

It can take up to a couple of weeks to get it done and shipped to you depending on my workload. I'll let you know once we're in touch.

What I Can Do

People tend to ask for Psychostick parodies/caricatures, like the ones in the photos. That's no problem, however I can draw you riding an elephant or whatever if you prefer. It's YOUR drumhead, so YOU call the shots there.

I also do custom digital art in my comic style if you prefer!


That's right! I'm excited too.

If you can't fully afford one of these please pass the word along and share this with those who might be interested!

If you have questions please reach out to me:


Thanks for all your support! :D

- Rawrb