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$25.99 from $14.99


Welcome to Season 4: Dimensional Time Portal! "The Psychostick Show" is currently traveling betwixt dimensions with the power of metal. Or something. Who knows.

And now we present to you the Season 4 exclusive tee! Help us tear through the fabric of space-time while you sport regular fabric with Psychostick nonsense printed on them! (See what I did there? SUCH CLEVER)

Turns out inter-dimensional travel can get a little pricey. We appreciate the support, you giant sacks of water and emotions!

Join us every Thursday at 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern for live Psychostick music, blabbing, and the occasional/never-ending barrage of terrible jokes about butts, farts, and other various gasses exiting various orifices.

Notes: As of June 3rd, 2021, this shirt is a preorder! We don't like to be wasteful and overstock stuff, which is why we do preorders - to gauge how much inventory we need to order.

In other words, it'll take up to two weeks to get these shirts shipped to you. After we have them in stock, they get shipped within a day or two. We're doin' our best to keep up, I promise!

Please e-mail us if you have any questions -

Sizes up to 5 XL!

Artwork by SouZou and Murph!