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Alex likes to destroy his drums. That's literally what he'll tell you if you ask him what his "goals" are as a drummer. He'll also ask you why you're talking to him, then teleport away using his alien subspace tentacles.

Over the past few years he has furiously demolished these drumheads, and now you can decorate third-to-least favorite wall with a signed Psychostick drumhead!

How to personalize your drumhead:

  1. Place your order for the drumhead. Derp!
  2. Check your e-mail. You'll receive an order confirmation with an order number.
  3. Send an e-mail to that includes your order number AND who/what/where you want the drumhead to be personalized to.
  4. Wait angrily until the drumhead arrives.

Drumhead Disclaimers

Some of these drumheads are clear. Some of them are REALLY beat to hell. Each one is unique. That is all.

These are limited because uh, we only have so many.

Snag yours today! WHEE!