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from $14.99

Uh oh! Last change to get this! The final show for Season 3 is on April 15th, 2021! Get your one or twelve of these shirts before they're gone forever! We even dropped the price a bunch!


We're so over this "Earth" business. It's time to take things to SPACE. SPAAAAACE!

Join us every Thursday at 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern as we travel the cosmos performing black-hole inducing, planet-crushing METAL for your and all the unknown alien weirdos out there.

Also, purchasing one of these shirts allows us to harvest any and all planets for Dilithium crystals, which powers our warp engine! As an added bonus, the crystals smell like pumpkin spice.

Sizes up to 5 XL!

Artwork by Aljon and Murph