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If you're wondering, "Gee, what would 'Dogs Like Socks' sound like if Alex was on vocals, Josh was on Drums, Matty was on guitar, and Rawrb was on bass?" you might've consumed a little too much Goo Gone. Do not drink Goo Gone!

Nevertheless, here it is, the Dogs Like Socks: Alex Remix! I use the term "remix" very, very incorrectly, and all you need to know is that it is absolutely glorious.

You can preview this "performance" here before you sink your cash dollars into a purchase.

And yes, the above link is to our live streamed performance called, "The Psychostick Show!" Every Thursday at 4pm Central we perform music songs for you, free of charge! Head on over, sign up on Twitch, and join us every Thursday for our live show shenanigans! BLARF!