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Psychostick's first full length album... a classic must-have. Includes the infamous "BEER!!!" song, "Two Ton Paperweight," "Orgasm = Love", and many others.

If you purchase the CD, you get the digital copy for FREE!

Official track list:

  1. Indecision
  2. Scrotal Torment
  3. Death Burger!
  4. No Pun Indended
  5. Why, oh Why?
  6. Pluh
  7. BEER!!!
  8. Prozak Milkshake
  9. Throwin' Down
  10. I HATE Doing Laundry
  11. Return of the Death Burger
  12. Largoloquent Dithyramb
  13. Lizard Sphere X
  14. Orgasm = Love
  15. Good Morning
  16. In a Band to Get Chicks
  17. Fake My Own Death and Go Platinum (+ Hidden Track)
  18. ABCDEath
  19. The Jagermeister Love Song
Note: The digital download is 102.1 MB - if you're downloading on a slow connection, please be patient.

The digital download comes in a compressed .zip file. Most computers have the ability to decompress .zip files. If you have trouble, click here to find a .zip file decompression tool.