Store FAQ

Here's a fun FAQ for our store. It's SO FUN!

Q. Can you send me free merch?
A. Sure, as soon as you send us $5,000. (Yes, people ask this sometimes. Crazy.)

Q. My order hasn't arrived yet!
A. That's because it's in transit. Give it another day or two. If it STILL hasn't arrived, contact us at If we have a tracking number for your order we usually send it to you.

Q. How quick do ya send stuff out?
A. We're pretty fast. We do our best to get it out the next business day. Otherwise it can take up to 3 business days to get it out the door.

Q. With shipping, do you use USPS? Fedex? A magic donkey?
A. We go with whatever is cheapest. Sometimes Fedex is cheaper, sometimes USPS is depending on the size and weight of the order.

Q. I want a refund! You somehow messed up my order! ARGH!
A. If we messed up, or if you accidentally ordered the wrong size/item, we'll work with you on that. Contact us at

Q. I want a refund for my digital order!
A. Nope; digital orders are FINAL. Uhh, it's not like you can prove that you didn't save your digital files somewhere else and "send it back." I'm sure you're trustworthy, but we can't risk it. Sorry.

Q. Can you guys sign my stuff before you send it?
A. We'll try. To put things simply, we don't live in the same spot when we're off of tour. If we're all in the same locale and you request it, we should be able to do it. Plus when we're touring we've got some awesome folks helping us fulfill orders... and they can't sign it for us. So... yeah. We'll try.

Q. Does the band REALLY send off the stuff personally?
A. Off of tour, yes! When we're touring/rocking faces off, we cannot fulfill orders. We've got some help with that when we're out vising your city. :)

Still have a question? E-mail us at