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Psychostick LLC

"Bufftopus" Tee

"Bufftopus" Tee

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Choose your choice! DO IT!


Now in ultra-comfy Bella Canvas! SO COMFY!

Note: The adult sizes are in an Electric Blue color, and the youth sizes are in Columbia Blue. We tried to get them to all be the same, but the universe had different plans.

We've been doing some extensive research, and according to science, we all want to be TUFF MUSCLES. Wouldn't it be even more better and tuff if we had eight limbs with suction cups?

This shirt would agree with you, if shirts had sentience and self-awareness. I'm tellin' you, fictional science is amazing and full of secrets!

Get your lift 'n flex on with this new tee from your semi-favorite/loathed band Psychostick!

Artwork by Aljon!

Bella Canvas size chart (PDF)

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