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"Veracity", Evacuate Chicago (CD and/or Digital Download)

"Veracity", Evacuate Chicago (CD and/or Digital Download)

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"Veracity" is a disc written and recorded by Alex Dontre, Robert Kersey, and Joshua Key of Psychostick "fame." This side project, known as Evacuate Chicago, is essentially Psychostick without the humor. If you've wondered what Psychostick would sound like without funny stuff, this is it!

If you purchase the CD, you get the digital copy for FREE!

Track list:

  1. Occasional Letter #1
  2. Nothing Like You
  3. Deny
  4. Perfect Ratio
  5. The Hole
  6. The Damage Has Been Done
  7. Proof of Dark Matter
  8. Progress Beyond Repair
  9. Velociraptors
  10. Time Lapse Photography
  11. Peace, Love, and Santa Claus
  12. Forgiveness Epidemic

Note: If you're an audio snob and you just GOTTA have .flac or .wav files, hit up our Bandcamp page.

Note: The digital download is 57.7 MB - if you're downloading on a slow connection, please be patient. Thank you!

Artwork by Chadd Firachu.

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