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Psychostick: The Tube™ 3 - Tube³ (SOLD OUT!)

Psychostick: The Tube™ 3 - Tube³ (SOLD OUT!)

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Choose your choice! DO IT!


Sold out! You snooze, you don't tube CUBE!

The masses demanded it! The world is in danger without it! Your body/soul yearns for it!

Introducing Psychostick: The Tube³ - now with more corners than ever before! The 2017 model Tube³ comes standard with:

  • Psychostick: The Tube³
  • Psychostick: The Tube³ T-shirt
  • Psychostick: Tube Jr
  • Psychostick: The Tube (extra crappy) Action Figures
  • Psychostick: The Tube Action Figure cut-out customizable clothing!
  • Psychostick: The Tube Family Car Decals
  • A limited edition, one-time run instructional DVD
  • A signed Psychostick: The Tube³ Certificate of Authentubeicy
  • EXCLUSIVE Tube Ninjas!*
  • Extra-rare, UNIQUE priceless Psychostick memorabilia and goodies packed in as well!

In addition to these stunning features, FIVE lucky tube enthusiasts will receive a magical GOLDEN TUBE in their Tube³ order!  (SUPER SHINY with EXCLUSIVE gold stuff!)

Sizes and quantities are extremely limited so ORDER TODAY!


Sizes up to 3 XL!


*Tube Ninjas MAY look like Tube Aliens but trust us... they're ninjas....

Note: Please allow 3-4 weeks from date of purchase for processing and shipping. Thanks!

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