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Psychostick: The Alien Tube

Psychostick: The Alien Tube

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Choose your choice! DO IT!


 Sold out! You snooze, you don't tube! See you next time... maybe? SHUT UP

"We should tube them from space, just to be safe." - Eleanor Tubely

Alien Tube has hatched and is ready to impregnatify your innards with tube-bursting action. 

Alien Tube comes standard with:

  • Psychostick: The Alien Tube
  • Psychostick: The Signed Alien Tube Secondary Tube Mouth
  • Psychostick: The Alien Tube T-Shirt
  • Psychostick: The Copyright Infringing Magnets
  • Psychostick: The Out of Print Amazing Vintage Poster
  • Psychostick: The Alien Venom Sack (they're balloons)
  • Psychostick: The Alien Tube Instructional Pamphlet and Warning Sheet
  • Psychostick: The Other Weird Psychostick Bullshit 

Get them before they're gone. If you miss it, it'll be TUBE OVER man, TUBE OVER! Then you'll need to enter cryosleep until next year! OH NO

Sizes up to 5XL!

Note: Please allow 2-4 weeks from date of purchase for processing and shipping. Thanks!

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