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Psychostick LLC

Psychostick: Tube X

Psychostick: Tube X

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Choose your choice! DO IT!


Sold out! You snooze, you don't tube! 

Ahh, the letter "X." Is there anything it can't make cool? Don't worry, if we get sued by egotistical billionaires who obsessively use that letter on everything, we'll be sure to milk every bit of the publicity as possible!

Celebrate Psychostick's tenth year of tubery with Psychostick: Tube X! You might be thinking, "Is this just a golden tube unceremoniously shoved through another golden tube?"

NO! It's a golden tube that is ceremoniously shoved through another tube! We're quite ceremonious 'round these parts!

Psychostick: Tube X ceremoniously includes:

  • Psychostick: Tube X
  • Psychostick: Tube X Trophy Kit
  • Psychostick: Tube X Trophy Kit Instruction Pamphlet
  • Psychostick: Tube X Limited T-shirt
  • Psychostick: Tube X Magnet Set
  • Psychostick: Tube X Signed Scientific Certificate of Science 
  • Psychostick: Sacred Archived Merch Extras
  • Psychostick: The Other Weird Psychostick Surprises and Beyond! 

On midnight, April 2nd, we're shutting down Tube X orders, so make sure you get yours NOW!

Sizes up to 5XL!

Note: Please allow 2-4 weeks from date of purchase for processing and shipping. Thanks!

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