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Psychostick LLC

Discography Music Madness! All 7 Albums, singles, etc!

Discography Music Madness! All 7 Albums, singles, etc!

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Choose your choice! DO IT!


ALL those tasty/wretched Psychostick albums and singles for a bulky, sweaty, discounted price!

If you were to add up the prices for all seven physical albums individually, it'd come out to be something like $79.93. Here we are selling that shit for $59.99! That's why we call it "madness!"

And for those who don't like "touching things" with your "appendages," the digital-only version of Music Madness is also an option!

Both physical and digital versions of "Music Madness" come with all of the downloads! OMG! Music now, music later!

Albums you get:

PLUS Singles (these are digital downloads, comes with digital only and physical copies):

Some of you keen-eyed weirdos might be all, "WHAR'Z DIGITUL APPETIZUR AND DOOM SONG ETC?"

"The Digital Appetizer" songs and those particular singles are now part of "... and stuff" - so don't you worry, keen-eyed nerdface!

Note: The digital downloads are as follows: 

  • "We Couldn't Think of a Title" is 198.6 MB
  • "The Flesh Eating Rollerskate Holiday Joyride" is 48.6 MB
  • "Sandwich" is 213.6 MB
  • "Space Vampires VS Zombie Dinosaurs in 3-D" is 143.3 MB
  • "IV: Revenge of the Vengeance" is 148 MB
  • "Do" is 164.4 MB
  • "... and stuff" is 210.7 MB
  • "O Tannenbaum" is 6.01 MB
  • "NOEL" is 4.5 MB
  • "Give Thanks or Die - 3.14 MB
  • "Zombie Claus" is 5.7 MB

If you're downloading on a slow connection, please be patient. Thank you!

Note: If you're an obnoxious, smelly audio snob and you just GOTTA have .flac or .wav files, hit up our Bandcamp page.

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