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"Sandwich" 15 Year Anniversary Limited Signed Drumhead!

"Sandwich" 15 Year Anniversary Limited Signed Drumhead!

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Choose your choice! DO IT!

Note: There's a discounted bundle of this drumhead and the "Sandwich" album available!

It's been fifteen years? IMPOSSIBURURUR

Celebrate Psychostick's longest and most delicious album by snagging one of these very limited signed 14-inch drumheads! We only printed 100 of these, so get yours before you feel the explosion of regret deep within your intestines.

As an added bonus, we can personalize this for you if you want. For example, if you want it to say, "Gertrude rules," or, "Who the hell has a name like Gertrude these days?" - then we got you covered.

After you add the drumhead to your cart, go to your cart and add what you want it to say under, "Order Special Instructions." It'll look like this:

If for some reason you don't see it, shoot an email to with your order number and tell how you want us to personalize the drumhead.

Thanks for all the support! Whoo!

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